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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weekly Series - Etsy Finds

I think we would all agree that you could spend hours
scrolling through all the fabulous things on Etsy, no?
Recently, I noticed how huge my Favorite Items list had
become. So I decided to start a weekly post to feature my
favorite Etsy finds. So this weeks list is in honor of my slight
obsession with all things British.

Printing a photo on a map. So cool!

Another fabulous cushion from Helkatdesigns.
I think I want one of everything at this shop.

And I absolutely ADORE the digital images from OliveRue.
I've got two and plan to get more, including this one.

And here is a neat new way to enjoy our favorite
Keep Calm and Carry On motif...

Tickle Me Pink Boutique

One day, I'd really love to get a dog. And when I do, I want this
tag for him or her...

Bow Wowzer Zs

And one of these days I hope to get myself organized enough
and find the nerve to try out my own Etsy Shop. Until then
I'll enjoy all the gorgeous goods from everyone else.

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