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Monday, May 17, 2010

Finale Season... Oh the Drama...

It's the season of finales on TV right now. Always makes me a
little sad. Even more so this year as a couple of my favorites are

The time has finally come to say goodbye to our favorite
time traveling plane crash survivors on Lost. To make
it even worse, they killed off two of my favorite characters
a couple of weeks ago. When Sun and Jin finally lost the
bid to be Jacob's successor, and drowned in that sub, oh the
tears began to flow. I agree with finishing up the show vs.
keeping it going, but still, I will miss it. Anyone else a fan?

And the clock will finally tick down for the last time on our dear
ill-fated hero Jack Bauer on 24. Although it seems chances are
pretty good we'll see a feature film version coming to a theater
near us sometime in the future. But still, I'll miss Jack saving
the world week after week with the help of trusted sidekick
Chloe. You know, everyone, including me, despised Chloe
when she was first introduced. But I think she was the best
thing to come out of the not-so-stellar Season 3. Alas though
I think it is time for Jack to hang up his bag of tricks and call
it a day.

And last night was the season finale for Brothers & Sisters. We
knew Rob Lowe was leaving the show, and I'm sad to report he
didn't make it out alive. That was just plain awful watching his
piercing blue eyes go still and fixed. SO Sad. But we'll look ahead
to a brand new start for the Walker family when they return in
the fall.

Premiere season will be here before you know it though, and
we'll start the cycle all over again. What shows will you miss
most over the summer?

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