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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Calm, Cool and Collected

I'm thrilled to report that my new HVAC system was installed
yesterday. It's nice and quiet compared to my old system which
sounded a bit like a 747 taking off in a strong headwind.

Luckily the weather has been beautifully cool and dry here
for the past few days, so I hadn't needed A/C. Bright blue
skies and cool crisp breezes. But it is comforting to know
that A/C is now an option should I need it. And also nice
to be able to close up the windows as the pollen was choking
me. Anyway, in honor of my new found "coolness", I thought
I'd share a few pics of rooms and such that I thought were
really, well, cool. Enjoy...

This San Francisco loft that I ran across on a real estate
site is beyond cool, don't you think?

And I don't think you could ask for anything cooler
than these cookie "shots". I so want to have a party
so I can serve these...

And I ran across this Paris cake at
It's truly inspiring what they can do with cakes these days...

And how could you not love this room. Cool grays, and that
chandelier! De-vine...

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