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Friday, May 14, 2010


SO glad it's Friday. With all the work around the house and
deliveries and inspections I'm just plain knackered. And on
top of dealing with that, my new job is driving me nuts. I
know, as I've said before, I should be very grateful to have a
job. And I am. It's just that I guess I wish I would have had
a little say in my placement in said job. Backstory, my company
was acquired by another, and I'm struggling with the group they
placed me in. Actually, I think it's the whole corporate world. I'm
just getting tired of it. Note to self, start looking for something
that's more creative vs. corporate.

Anyway, after such a long and crazy couple of weeks I'm feeling
like I need a vacation. Maybe here...

Or how about here...

But alas, my vacation money was sucked up by all the
home repairs. So perhaps I'll settle for a soak in the tub.
This looks like a great bath for a soak no?

And throw in one of these...

Ok, better make it two.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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