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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Sorry for my hiatus there for a few days. I was dealing with the
a/c issues and work has been pretty crazy this week. It was 90
degrees IN THE HOUSE all weekend and into Monday. I'm
sorry to whine about it as there were people in the South who
didn't even have houses after this weekend courtesy of tornadoes.
But it really was miserable. When the a/c guy came to give me
an estimate on the new system on Monday, he walked in and
said my place was one of the worst he'd ever seen, or felt actually.
It just wouldn't cool. Everything was hot to the touch. It was
really kind of freaky. But thankfully the weather has cooled a bit,
and with some good cross ventilation and fans, I've managed to
get it down to the low 80s during the day, and about 75 at night.

So after an inspection of my system, a series of questions,
and several thousand dollars later, I'm replacing my entire
HVAC system. Not looking forward to watching my savings
take a nosedive, but I do qualify for the maximum tax credit back.
And quite honestly, I opted to replace the entire system because
I didn't want to face the flipside of my current situation and
have the furnace die in the middle of January when it's 10 below
outside. So the "peace of mind" factor played a big part in my

And speaking of decisions. I must admit, I don't often complain
about being single. But it's during situations like this when I
really wish there was someone else around to help with those

So anyway, the new system should be installed next Monday. And
thankfully the weather is actually supposed to be cooler
as the week progresses.

So my motto for the week...

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