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Saturday, July 24, 2010


It was another tough week, so I decided I'd treat myself
to a little retail therapy last night. Even if I didn't find
anything, I figured it would be good to just get out of
the house. I'm happy to report I scored big!

About a month ago, I had spotted these adorable
canisters in Homegoods. I wasn't ready to commit
at first glance, but halfway through the store I realized
I WANTED THEM! I went back to pick them up, only
to find another customer placing them in her cart.
DRAT! Since then, I've popped into various other
stores like TJ Maxx hoping I'd run across another set.
No such luck. Until last night when I found them at
Marshalls. Score #1! I didn't waste a second grabbing
them this time around.

I continued the peruse the aisles and there it was, score
#2! Found this gorgeous lantern...

I got both pieces for less than 20 bucks! I do love a
good deal, and two is even better!

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  1. What wonderful finds. I love your jars! I have had very similar experiences with second guessing, only to be dissapointed! I am so happy that you had a happy ending.

    Jessica @