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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Amazon Therapy

Another long week at the office. Definitely looking forward
to the 3-Day weekend! I am sure I should be doing some
work right now, but it's late, and I needed a break.
So I decided to do a little window shopping on Amazon.

It started off simple enough with some random books.

I have this one on my list...

And this one as well...

And hey, a girls gotta include a little cheesy romance...

Then I moved on to accessories. And spotted these
bags. Not exactly in season now, but perfect this fall...

And this Hepburn Satchel... I think I'm in love...

And finally, electronics. Wondering if I stepped up
to a fancy digital SLR, my photos would improve.
(Secretly I know it's likely not my little point
and shoot, but it's photographer at fault).
But still, this is quite a snazzy little number...

I went ahead and dropped these items into my save
for later cart. Don't you just love the Save For Later

back to work...

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