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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Random Favorites

Hate that work has been so busy lately that I've had
to neglect my posts. I'm hoping things will quiet down
this coming week and I can get back on track. Until then,
thought I'd share a few random favorites from my files.

Some women love shoes, I love BAGS. And I adore
this brown leather tote from Clarevivier.
Classic and gorgeous!

On Saturdays when I don't have to run out of the house
early, I love to catch Colin & Justin's Home Heist on
BBC America. They are pretty over the top, but also
rather entertaining. And some of their rooms are just
lovely. Like this bedroom...

I tend to be a pretty frugal shopper. I shop the
clearance rack at Target quite often, and never pay
full price for something at Michaels. Awhile back
I picked up this little gem which was 50% off plus
I had an additional 20% off coupon. SCORE!

And another find from that recent issue of Ideal Home.
This Laura Ashley pillow is right up my alley.

Fingers crossed that I can get back to regular posting
next week, and I'm hoping to have some great new
crafts to share.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Stress not about the posting. I've had droughts of posting on my blog, and there is always a good reason for not being able to... But I love the pictures you have up. A blog is nothing if not a personal journal.