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Sunday, June 13, 2010

The 80s 2.0

Thought I'd take a quick break from what seems like
none-stop work over the past few days (and unfortunately
includes this weekend) for a quick post.

I was just reading an article about "The Karate Kid"
remake taking the top spot at the box office this
weekend. And what came in second? Why it was the
remake of "The A-Team". How crazy is that? Let's
see, this makes three 80s remakes so far this year, yes?
"Clash of the Titans" was the first. Which I admit I
did go to see. Mostly because I have a tiny little
celeb crush on Sam Worthington. Not the best movie
I've ever seen, but it was entertaining.

Part of me feels a bit sad that Hollywood seems to be
running rather low on original ideas these days. But on
the flip side, I have to admit, "The Karate Kid" remake
looks quite good, and visually stunning. I caught
a trailer awhile back and thought the cinematography
looked incredible.

I just did a search to see what other reboots from the
era of big hair and leg warmers (I heard those made a
recent comeback too!) we have to um, look forward to.
On the list, Tron, Red Dawn (oh my, really?), Footloose
and Oliver Stone's Wall Street.

Let's hope they leave some of our favorite classics
alone, and where they belong... In the past!

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