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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Good Eats!

I had a business dinner this evening and we went to
the Italian restaurant Il Fornaio. I believe it's mostly
a West Coast chain, but Northern VA was the
recipient of their first East Coast location. Anyway,
it was my first time there, and OH MY.

I had a chicken dish that was quite possibly the best
chicken I've ever eaten. And the piece de resistance,
a little chocolate number called the Rosina al Cioccolato.

The description from their menu:
Chocolate mousse, fresh raspberries and sponge cake soaked with Triple Sec; served with orange crème anglaise.

A better description... heaven on a plate.

I'll get a picture next time!

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  1. That does sound delish. I just had an amazing chocolate dessert while visiting a friend in MA. It's a little pot of the richest chocolate mousse topped with a drizzle of raspberry puree. Yum.