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Saturday, June 5, 2010


As I've mentioned before, I took a lot of
inspiration from Amanda's bedroom in "The Holiday" for
my own master suite redo. One item that I unfortunately
couldn't copy from her space was that big fluffy pillow filled
sofa/daybed. I'm afraid I only have room for a couple of chairs
in my space, which is not bad, but still, how great would it be
to have a comfy loungy sofa like that where you could kick
back and read a book.

I ran across this sofa which was a fair match to Amandas...

Actually I think I like this daybed from Thomasville better...

If you didn't have a seating area in your master, I think converting
a spare bedroom into a lounge space would be a very cool idea.
Like Sarah Richardson did in her first series of Sarah's House
where she combined an office with a sort of TV room in one of
the bedrooms. Such a great space.

Happy weekend everyone!

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