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Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Sweets - Day 3

Happy Friday! I guess Happy Good Friday to be
more precise. Today I've got my third and final
installment in my Easter Sweets series -
Something Different!

When I think about "something different" for
an Easter dessert, the first things that came to
mind were something light and maybe fruity.

This Double Citrus Tart looks like it would
fit the bill perfectly!

from My Recipes

And although maybe not quite so light, this little lemon cupcake
looks like it packs quite a tasty punch...


And my favorite, from this months Better Homes & Garden,
this Angel Food Bruschetta looks incredible. I really must
try this...
So which way do you go, cookies, chocolate or something
different for your Easter sweets this year?

Why choose, go with all three!!!

Happy Easter!

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