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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Sweets - Day 2

SO sorry, I got sidetracked by my day job and was
not able to post yesterday. But let us not waste another
minute. It's time for Day 2 of Easter Sweets - CHOCOLATE!

What are the iconic (albeit commercial) images of Easter that
most of us grew up with? Fuzzy yellow chicks, colorful spring
flowers, and of course chocolate bunnies.

I do love this little guy. A classic...

One of my fondest childhood memories involves an annual
trip to the one custom chocolate shop in my hometown
every Easter. I was always giddy with excitement as I
entered the shop, and laid out in front of me were row
upon row of chocolate Easter goodies. Bunnies, lambs,
eggs, chicks. Pure heaven. It was so special because 1. I
was with my Grandmother, 2. I got to pick which one I
wanted, and 3. they would personalize it with white
royal icing. Ahh the little things that meant so much to
us as kids.

These eggs from Not The High Street brought me right
back to those days picking my Easter treat...

And here is something a little different from the regular fare.
Love these letters also from Not The High Street...

And here is my own twist on Easter chocolate this year...

I altered a Valentines recipe I ran across which used hearts.
Since I couldn't find hearts I picked up dark and milk chocolate
Hersheys Bliss, some square pretzels and Easter M&Ms.

I suggest doing your milk and dark separately as milk melts A
LOT faster than dark. Heat your oven to 250-270 degrees.
Line a baking sheet with parchment. Place your pretzels down.

Then the chocolate on top of each. Pop in the oven for about
2-3 minutes for milk, up to 4-5 for dark, but watch them! Once
they soften up, remove immediately and place your M&M on top.
Cool so they harden up. And Voila...

A final thought, this mug, again from Not The High Street,
sums it up...

And tomorrow, stop by for the 3rd and final day
of Easter Sweets - Something Different!

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