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Monday, August 2, 2010

Mirror, Mirror...

...Quite literally on the wall. This weekend, I finally
got around to a project that's been on my list for
months. Since I changed the color schemes from
brown and blue to gray and cream in my bedroom,
my mirror, which hides behind my door, was in
desperate need of a makeover. I had picked it up
quite awhile ago at TJ Maxx for about 20 bucks.
Never really liked the finish but it worked in the room...

I had spotted this beautiful mirror at Homegoods that
I loved, but it was the wrong size and I figured I could
replicate the finish on my existing mirror. (Wish I
would have snapped a picture!). I also had a TON of
paint samples I had collected when I was in search of
the new wall color, so I was thrilled to be able to put
them to good use. So I put on a base coat of a dark
french blue-gray...

Then I mixed a lighter gray with some water and brushed
over it...

It took a few passes to get a finish I liked, but I really
love how it turned out. It looks fabulous with the wall

A side note, as always, I need to work on my photography
skills. Since I had to paint it in place on the wall (long
story), getting a decent angle, and decent lighting proved
quite a challenge. But I digress. You might also notice
my door in the reflection. I've borrowed an idea from
Centsational Girl's gorgeous office. I'll try and post
about that project another time. I have to admit, it
was a bit tricky, but it adds so much interest to a boring
old white door.

Happy Monday!

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