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Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring has Sprung - It Makes Me A Little Sad

I have indeed been MIA for a week now. Work
is still sucking every last bit of energy right out
of me. But I'm hopeful things will be improving
soon. Fingers crossed!

But on to other topics. I must say, somehow
when my head was down at my desk, spring sprung.
My tulips are poking through the ground, the grass
is getting the tiniest hint of green and its been in the
60s and 70s most of the week. The arrival of spring is
always somewhat bittersweet for me. Even when we've
had such a brutal winter. Yes I was grumbling about
the snow and cold just a month ago, but I do prefer the
colder months and my winter wardrobe.

So I must say be seeing you to my dear boots...

and my lovely scarf collection(this is only a
small part of it)...

And to my various coats and sweaters as well.
I'll see you again when the leaves begin to fall and the
chill returns to the air.

Happy Friday!

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