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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

London Calling

I admit, I've had a small obsession with all things
British, well, forever really. I love the accents,
the TV (my latest addiction is Top Gear, I know bizarre),
and the shops, oh the shops! Is it just me, or do they
have much cooler stuff than we have stateside? Perhaps
it's just that it's different, and I can't have it! Well, I could
have some things if I want to pay a small fortune in shipping.
But anyway, let us check out some of the lovely finds
from jolly old England...

Graham and Green
I was first introduced to this gorgeous shop by a book
that I was reading. The story's heroine would seek
solace from her crazy life by strolling through their
beautiful things. I can see why...

Not On The High Street

This is a catalog only site. So many fabulous
things, you could spend hours scrolling through
all of them ( I did anyway).

Although it doesn't quite match my homes exterior,
I would LOVE to have this Union Jack doormat...

And these signs are just plain cool. Especially if you are
a fan of the vintage bus rolls like I am (check out my previous

Lisa Stickley
I so want to order some of the gorgeous china from Lisa's
shop. I just don't have a great deal of confidence that it will
arrive to me in one piece. Love these...

So until I decide to hop a plane to London for a weekend
of shopping, I'll just have to admire all these delightful
items from afar.


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