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Monday, March 8, 2010

Home Office Organization...Please!

I've recently started working for a new company.
My old one was acquired by this new one. It seems
I'll be able to continue working from home, which is
great. However, I am currently juggling 3, yes count
them T-H-R-E-E computers until we become fully
integrated and I can get rid of one of them. So
needless to say, my poor desk is bursting at the seams,
and my home office is in great need of some organization.
Yes, it's been just a week and the chaos is getting to me.

I think I'm going with an extension to my current
desk which I love. So I'll now have more of an L-
shaped configuration like this...

And I've run across some seriously cute office accessories
at The Container Store...

And one other must have, a new office chair. Mine has
seen it's better days and I desperately need something
more comfortable. And I wouldn't mind a little style too.
Maybe like this...

Any suggestions for managing multiple
computers and organizing a home office?

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