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Monday, February 22, 2010

Now That's Entertainment

Did anyone catch the BAFTAs last night on BBC America?
I caught a few snippets as I flipped back and forth between
shows. I can't say I was pulling for anyone in particular as I
haven't seen any of the nominated films, but I am a Colin Firth
fan. Not to mention Tom Ford is pretty awesome. On the fashion
front, I really loved Carey Mulligan's look. It's not my normal
style, but I thought her dress was beautiful. It was by Vionnet.
Although I read an article that dissed her for not wearing a
British designer. You still looked fabulous Carey! Congrats!

Image from the Daily Mail

And on other entertainment topics. I read an article on
that says SNL is close to signing up Betty White for a show.
It would actually be co-hosting with several other "Women of
Comedy". You know, I think this is pretty cool. Does Betty often
play characters which grate on your last nerve? Sure she does. But
nonetheless, I think I'll always be a fan of our dear Rose Nylund.
You go girl!

Happy Monday!

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